Metal and machinery sector

High-quality agricultural and municipal machinery, professional power tools, functional metal furniture

Pracownicy pracujący na hali Samasz

Companies such as Metal-Fach, Pronar and SaMASZ are leaders in the production of agricultural machinery. Metal-Fach offers approximately 60 different types and models of agricultural machinery and equipment. The company also specializes in steel structures for the construction of industrial buildings, facilities, and warehouses.

SaMASZ is currently the largest Polish and one of the leading European manufacturers of agricultural and municipal machinery and snowploughs. It offers over 200 types of machinery: drum mowers, disc mowers, tedders, rakes, fodder mixing wagons, flail mowers, extension arms, snowploughs.

Pracownicy na hali składają maszyny recyklingowe

Pronar is an excellent example of a company that has achieved international success. Every second trailer registered in Germany comes from Pronar, while its disc wheels are among the top three in the world in terms of popularity. The company owes its success to the use of modern technologies, professional staff and high investment in research and development.

Production of professional power tools, welding automation equipment and industrial systems is the domain of Promotech, which exports over 90% of its products.
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Malow is one of Europe's largest manufacturers of metal furniture. The brand offers a wide range of furniture for offices and medical, educational, sports and social purposes, including home decoration. Its products embody high quality and durability and are exported to almost all European countries.

Representatives of Podlaskie's metal and machinery sector


Balers, bale wrappers, front loaders, fodder mixing wagons, manure spreaders, agricultural trailers, cultivating aggregates – these are the flagship products of the leading Polish manufacturer of agricultural machinery and equipment, Metal-Fach. Based in Sokółka, the company has earned the trust of farmers in Poland and around the world.


Pronar is the unquestionable leader in the production and sale of machines and equipment for agriculture, municipal services, and the transport industry, with close to a 50% share of the Polish market. Pronar is also a world-leading manufacturer of wheels for agricultural and municipal machinery, pneumatic and hydraulic components, trailer axles, as well as steel sections and plastic components.


Manufacturer of high quality, innovative agricultural machinery such as mowers, tedders and rakes, fodder mixing wagons. The company also offers municipal machinery: extension arms, flail mowers, snowploughs, gritters, sweepers, selling its machines to more than 50 countries around the world.

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