Boatbuilding sector

Representatives of Podlaskie's yachting industry

The boatbuilding industry is one of the most dynamically developing branches of economy in the Podlaskie Voivodeship, which is appreciated by the most demanding contractors from all over the world. To emphasise its importance for the promotion and development of the region, the Podlaskie Voivodeship Board honoured the representatives of the industry with the title of Podlaskie Economy Ambassador.

Balt-Yacht sp.j.

One of the largest Polish yacht manufacturers, specializing in building polyester glass laminate yachts and boats with hull lengths ranging from 7 to 12 metres. Since its foundation, Balt-Yacht has been building boats for demanding foreign customers such as Mar-Import, Jeanneau and X-Yachts.

Kotniz sp. z o.o.

The company's operation is based on the supply of hand-polished surfaces, just-in-time production, flexibility of cooperation and excellent service. For over 40 years Kotniz, as a leading supplier of yacht accessories in Poland and Europe, has been constantly increasing its customer base, which includes the biggest and the most famous European shipyards.

MPPB J.W. Ślepsk

The largest manufacturer of motor yachts in Poland. The company currently employs over 1000 people and produces several hundred yachts per year. The high quality of motor yachts manufactured by "Ślepsk" has been repeatedly confirmed by awards and distinctions granted by national and international institutions.

portret uśmiechniętego mężczyzny

Podlaskie (The region’s name may be a reference to its vast forested areas), as the very name implies, is not an obvious place to develop a company operating in the yachting industry! And yet, it fostered conditions to create first-class products that sail across all oceans. We have great professionals, good infrastructure, and a unique climate, above all. My business partners from all over the world, who visited our factory, leave with a genuine astonishment about our hospitality, and our family-oriented lifestyle and manner of doing business. This Podlaskie easygoingness is conducive to development. You can pursue your goals with peace of mind and improve your product with passion.

Sebastian Nietupski President of the Board of Kotniz sp. z o. o.

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