IT sector

Representatives of Podlaskie's IT sector

Bialystok is emerging as the centre of the Podlaskie Silicon Forest, with a growing number of companies offering state-of-the-art solutions and winning customers around the world. These companies include Elastic Cloud Solutions, Grow Uperion, Holo4Med, Holo4Labs, Photon Entertainment, RiftCat, Zonifero.

Elastic Cloud Solutions

Elastic Cloud Solutions develops “Digital Workplace” class platforms. It is a set of solutions that increase productivity, efficiency, and employee engagement, and save time related to administrative and HR processes.

Grow Uperion

Grow Uperion is an HRTech gamification platform aimed at engaging and motivating employees in order to raise their productivity and performance, without increasing spending on financial and non-financial benefits.


Holo4Labs is a technology company that offers an advanced augmented reality (mixed reality) solution that significantly improves the operation of different types of laboratories. The company is a software developer that runs on Microsoft's HoloLens 2 augmented reality goggles.


Holo4Med supports healthcare professionals, providing them with maximum protection and process control even in highly stressful situations.

Photon Entertainment

Photon Entertainment is a start-up created by graduates of the Białystok University of Technology who decided to teach children creative and logical thinking. The teacher is played by Photon – the most advanced educational robot available, which grows together with the child. In 2018 Photon Entertainment was named the best start-up of Central and Eastern Europe.


RiftCat is a website and desktop application that allows you to quickly find games and apps developed for virtual reality headsets (like the Oculus Rift). RiftCat cooperates with giants such as HTC and Huawei.


Zonifero is an innovative platform for facilities and workplace management. It supports office space digitisation, optimises office resources and organises hybrid and remote working.

Advantages for the development of startups

Many promising start-ups acquire clients all over the world. Their development is facilitated by a favourable scientific and research ecosystem. Its cornerstones are Białystok University of Technology and the science and technology parks in Białystok and Suwałki. Investment in broadband internet infrastructure, which is currently available to 90% of the inhabitants of the voivodeship, is not to be underestimated either.

Cutting-edge technologies

According to the Startup Poland report, over 70% of Białystok innovators in 2019 operated in the deep-tech sector, which involves the most advanced technologies. They focus on ground-breaking technology projects, laboratory research, and prototyping.

The highest number of innovative companies per capita in Poland

Robotics, electronics, productivity boosting solutions, ERP, CRM, Industry 4.0 and edu-tech are among the fortes of the companies in the region. Some 10% of all Polish start-ups in these sectors are located in Białystok, and the number of innovative companies per capita is one of the highest in Poland.

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