Specific objectives of the project

wizualizacja wykres

Specific objective 1:

Identification of needs (current and future) in terms of innovation and development of the participants of the Regional Innovation Ecosystem and the efficiency of the ecosystem’s business model (AREA: Data collection and analysis)

ludzkie dłonie na stole trzymają koła zębate

Specific objective 2:

Establishment of a domestic and international cooperation network in the context of the implementation of the Agricultural Valley 4.0 Regional Innovation Ecosystem. (AREA: knowledge, cooperation and promotion)

wizualizacja ludzkie dłonie sterują aplikacją na urządzeniu mobilnym

Specific objective 3:

Development of a detailed concept for the implementation of modern solutions in sectors related to the Agricultural Valley 4.0 Regional Innovation System, in order to compete in global value chains (AREA: Developing tools and formulating solutions/recommendations)

This is a project of strategic importance to the region as the implementation its primary objective will contribute to increasing Podlaskie’s competitiveness and placing it on a path of economic development based on continuous innovation and technological progress.


Podlaskie Voivodeship Marshal’s Office
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