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Podlaskie Region. European Crossroads

Podlaskie is the new east-west and north-south transport hub. It is the crossing point for the pan-European routes Via Baltica, Via Carpatia, and Rail Baltica. The European Union border on the New Silk Road is located in our region.

Its strategic geographical location, unprecedented investment in infrastructure, and 20 million consumers within a 300 km radius from the centre of the region make Podlaskie an ideal place for investment and business.

Podlaskie - The natural place to do business. Promotional video

Many of Podlaskie’s advantages are completely unique: Strategic geographical location, crossroads of European and Asian trade routes, the highest level of security in the country, excellent conditions for talent development, an impressive number of deep-tech start-ups, and the cleanest air in Poland. Podlaskie is a place where two worlds – nature and business – blend perfectly. Podlaskie is the natural way to do business.

Podlaskie. The natural place to do business – logistics. Promotional spot

Podlaskie is the perfect location for logistics centres. More than 20 million people live within a 300-kilometre radius of the region’s centre, which includes the capital cities of Belarus, Lithuania and Poland. The markets of Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Ukraine and Russia are also in close proximity. However, the advantages of the region’s border location are far wider.

Podlaskie. The natural place to do business – products. Promotional spot

Pristine natural areas are one of the greatest assets of the Podlaskie Voivodeship. Clean forests, rivers, lakes and meadows create excellent conditions for the development of a green economy and the agri-food sector. However, the success of the Podlaskie economy not only based on natural resources. It is also due to huge investment in modern technologies and constant quality improvement.

Podlaskie The natural place to do business – technology. Promotional spot.

Devices that make everyday life easier for the disabled, robots that teach logical thinking, space technology, unique bicycles... Young people from Podlaskie amaze us with their creativity, conquer demanding markets, and compete at world-class levels. Thanks to them, the region is an ever brighter spot on the map of Polish start-ups.


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