Poland at EXPO 2020

Poland. Creativity inspired by nature

Poland has been an active participant in World Exhibitions for many years. The objectives of Poland’s presence at EXPO Dubai include both strengthening Poland’s image in the international arena and promoting the country’s economy.

The slogan of the Polish Pavilion combines the idea of human potential with the themes recommended by the organisers: sustainable development and mobility. In Dubai, Poland will be presented as a country with people as its key resource - creative, hard-working, educated, smart and full of energy, ready to face new challenges and set trends. Creativity will be presented as a Polish trait - a feature that is the source of success at every level: economic, scientific, cultural and social.

The Polish exhibition’s narrative is built around the principal idea of Poland’s participation in EXPO 2020: "Poland. Creativity inspired by nature". Poland’s story is told in five chapters, corresponding to the five zones of the Poland Pavilion (Poland. Inspired by nature, Poland. A home for creativity, Poland. Spirit of ingenuity, Poland. Land of plenty, Poland. Landscapes of creativity), which form a series of consecutive experiences and messages. Each will feature the theme of mobility proposed by the organisers - in relation to people, ideas, culture or technology.

In addition to the construction of the Pavilion and filling it with exhibitions, a range of programmes and accompanying events will be held in Dubai, including extensive communication activities and participation in the organiser's initiatives.

Poland’s participation is accompanied by a wide offer for Polish entrepreneurs, who may apply for financial, organisational and promotional support, using Poland’s participation in EXPO 2020 in Dubai as an opportunity to establish relations with business partners in the United Arab Emirates and across the entire Persian Gulf.

The Polish Investment and Trade Agency is responsible for Poland’s participation in the 2020 EXPO in Dubai, with the Ministry of Economic Development, Labour and Technology supervising the project.



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