Podlaskie in Euronews

Podlaskie: Poland's 'green lung' aims to become an investment and innovation hub

In 2023 Euronews cooperated with the Podlaskie’s Marshal’s Office to produce three programs devoted to the economy of the region.

The first episode of the Focus series was titled Podlaskie: Poland’s green lung aims to become an investment and innovation hub. The authors described it as follows: From the wood and construction industry to the agri-food sector – the Podlaskie Voivodeship has ambitious plans to become a centre of international investment and innovation.

Augmented reality, AI and robotics: Discover Poland's 'Silicon Forest'

Augmented reality, artificial intelligence and robotics: Discover the Polish Silicon Forest

The forested region of Podlasie in north-eastern Poland is proving to be fertile ground for technology and innovation. We talk to companies and graduates at the heart of this unlikely technology centre.

Innovative startups, new technologies driving agriculture change in Poland

Innovative start-ups and new technologies are driving changes in agriculture in Poland

Podlaskie Voivodeship in north-eastern Poland is best known for its natural beauty, dairy cattle breeding, and extensive forest areas, including the last primeval forest in Europe. The innovative agricultural, food and medical technology sectors are also developing here.


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