Investments in logistics

Podlaskie - logistics hub of Eastern Europe

The Podlaskie Voivodeship is the European Union’s gateway to the East and a region with numerous advantages for international trade. The region's logistics centres offer the possibility to handle goods transported along the corridors of the New Silk Road. Podlaskie is cut through important expressways, such as the S61 (Via Baltica transport corridor), the S19 (Via Carpatia), and the S8.

Podlaskie has three road and three railway border crossings to Belarus. The latter will be used more and more intensively for trade between the European Union and the countries of the Far East, including China, Japan and South Korea. In recent years, the number of rail shipments between Chinese provinces and Europe has been growing by over 100% annually. It is estimated that railways only cater to a few per cent of the total trade between Europe and China, with a value of over 20 billion dollars, but their share will grow steadily. In addition to railways, intermodal terminals will play an increasingly significant role.

mapa globu z zaznaczoną Polską i szlakami komunikacyjnymi

Strengths of logistics development

Three modern trans-shipment centres located in the region will soon reach a total capacity of over 300,000 TEU per year. Chryzanów and Sokółka support both broad-gauge and standard-gauge tracks, which streamlines the shipment of goods across the border to Belarus. Due to its excellent location, the terminal in Łapy offers direct railway connections to ports on the Baltic Sea: Gdańsk, Gdynia, and the port in Elbląg, the importance of which will increase after the navigation canal across the Vistula Spit is completed.

3 intermodal terminals

Chryzanów, Łapy, Sokółka

300 000 TEU

The capacity of terminals in Podlaskie

20 000 000 people

within 300 km of the centre of the region

6 border crossings with Belarus

3 railway i 3 road

Warsaw in one hour

As a result of infrastructural investments, Podlaskie is getting closer and closer to Warsaw, a metropolis of two million people and the business centre of Central and Eastern Europe. At present, the drive on the S8 expressway from the capital of Poland to Podlasie takes slightly more than an hour. In 2023, after the modernisation of the Rail Baltica, it will only take 74 minutes for trains to travel to Białystok from Warsaw. Białystok will be one of three voivodeship capitals with the best transport connections to Warsaw. Travelling to other cities will be made easier thanks to the Eastern Railway Mainline. This multi-billion investment project will be a significant growth stimulus for Eastern Poland, a macro-region with 8 million inhabitants that boasts great potential.

Intermodal terminals and logistics centres

Podlaskie is the perfect location for logistics centres. More than 20 million people live within a 300-kilometre radius of the region’s centre, which includes the capital cities of Belarus, Lithuania, and Poland. The markets of Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Ukraine, and Russia are also in close proximity.

Terminals and logistics centres located in the Podlaskie Voivodeship are an alternative to the increasingly busy Małaszewicze cargo port. Even today, Eurasian railway transports moving along the New Silk Road pass through Podlaskie.

Barter S.A.

One of the projects carried out by Barter S.A. involving the construction of a new intermodal terminal in Sokółka along with the procurement and installation of all necessary operating equipment. The terminal has been designed to handle two 36-car trains per day, giving it a capacity of more than 50,000 TEUs per year.

Kontrast Intermodal

Container terminal with logistics centre located in Łapy near Białystok. The facility is located in the immediate vicinity of railway line no. 6 (E75) with twa 300 m railway tracks and a single 600 m sidetrack. The terminal and the centre have a 1,050 TEU storage capacity (target capacity: 2,500 TEU) and provide a handling capacity of 54,750 TEU per year.

Terminal Chryzanów

The Chryzanów Terminal is one of the best developed terminals in eastern Poland with an area of 6ha, owned and managed by Andrex Logistics. The facility supports 1435 and 1520 mm rail gauge systems. The total capacity of the container yards is 3000 TEUs, the terminal's annual capacity is 200,000 TEUs.

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