Podlaskie at EXPO 2020


Podlaskie. Fuelled by nature

The World Exhibition EXPO 2020 in Dubai will feature a presentation of the Podlaskie Region organised under the theme “Podlaskie - fuelled by nature”, with the XYLOPOLIS exhibition at its heart. The Podlaskie Week is planned for 15-24 October 2021 and will promote science, culture, tourism and the economy. XYLOPOLIS in Dubai is a story about the marriage of primordial nature with modern technology. It is a vision of primeval forest made of silicon, a clean economy that that forms a symbiosis with nature to create an ecosystem of two seamless organisms that support and care for each other.

The Marshal’s Office of the Podlaskie Voivodeship has invited important partners to carry out this challenging project: The Ministry of Climate and Environment together with the Institute of Environmental Protection, Unibep Group’s Unitalent Foundation, Białystok University of Technology, and University of Białystok.

Podlaskie Voivodeship has extensive experience in promoting the region during world exhibitions. This will be the first time when it present a fascinating story, deeply rooted in the reality of the region of Podlaskie, which will not end in Dubai. With the support of the Ministry of Economic Development, Labour and Technology, it will continue with the creation of a modern science and art centre - Xylopolis - in Podlaskie. The new facility will be the perfect place to promote the region’s nature, the idea of a primeval forest made of silicon, along with the numerous ascepts of utilising wood as a natural and ecological resource.


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