National and foreign cooperation network on the Agricultural Valley 4.0 Regional Innovation Ecosystem

The Agricultural Valley 4.0 project envisages cooperation between representatives of business and science, business environment institutions and regional authorities, which would result in creating technological innovations, similar the Silicon Valley in the USA Innovations, the sale of which would contribute to the economic growth of the Podlaskie Voivodeship.

Long-term implementation of the project envisages the creation of the Agricultural Valley 4.0 Regional Innovation Ecosystem based on the following assumptions:

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Connecting Ecosystem Participants

Bringing together the members of the Regional Innovation Ecosystem (science, business, business environment institutions (BEI) and administration) into one functional organism.

Planned ecosystem participants

  • Business and technology groups: agriculture, food and health (with the leading role of the agricultural industry),
  • Incubator and accelerator that will develop start-ups,
  • Fund that will invest early in the development of companies in a cluster or clusters.


Podlaskie Voivodeship Marshal’s Office
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15-097 Białystok, Poland

Investors Assistance and Business Promotion Bureau
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15-888 Białystok, Poland

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