EXPO 2020

Podlaskie at EXPO 2020 in Dubai

15-24 October 2021

EXPO 2020

EXPO world fairs are among the grandest and most prestigious events in on the planet, combining economic, promotional, cultural and tourist themes.

The 2020 EXPO in Dubai will be the first World Exhibition staged in an Arab country. Its organisers claim that it aspires to become the largest show in history.

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Poland at EXPO 2020

Poland’s presence at the EXPO in Dubai is aimed at reinforcing Poland’s international image promoting the country’s economy.

EXPO 2020 will be a unique opportunity to showcase technologies and companies representing strategic industries with potential export opportunities to Middle Eastern markets.

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Podlaskie at EXPO 2020

Podlaskie’s presentation at EXPO 2020 will be a part of the temporary exhibition of the Polish Pavilion.

The Podlaskie Week in Dubai will be held under the slogan “Podlaskie - fuelled by nature”. Its heart will be the XYLOPOLIS exhibition at its heart - a story about wood, organised together with the other partners.

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