Presentation of the companies

During the Business Seminar in Vilnius will be presented the potential of the food industry from the Podlaskie Region.

We invite you to acquaint with a short description of selected producers of local food, representing SMEs who will take part in the seminar.

Cukiernia Kinga

«A party without cake is really just a meeting» said Julia Child, the American star of culinary arts. These words became the motto and goal of «Kinga» confectionery, which was established from the passion of two masters of confectionery arts over 30 years ago.

Since 1990, the company has produced sweets made from natural ingredients, using best industry practices. Despite its extensive production and large team, it has still remained true to its traditional values. «Kinga» is famous for its regional flavours that are known around the world. Sophisticated machinery, including cake printers, is utilised on equal terms as production by hand and the skills of master craftsmen.

Currently «Kinga» offers more than 100 different types of sweets: traditional poppy seed cake, delicious cakes, yeast dough pastries, perfect fresh and frozen cakes, elegant banquet cakes, as well as mini desserts - insane miniature miracles that you want to eat with your eyes!


KABO is a meat processing establishment producing fresh meat as well as pork and poultry charcuterie operating in the Podlaskie Voivodeship since 1992.

The unique flavours of KABO’s products stem from the regional traditions and quality products. KABO is the only producer of Kiełbasa Biebrzanska in Poland. Its products are available in the Podlaskie, Mazowieckie, Lubelskie and Warminsko-Mazurskie Voivodeships. The company exports its products to England, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Thanks to their exceptional quality, KABO’s products have won numerous awards in regional and national competitions.


KASOL J. A. Kazberuk, a foreign trade company, is a private enterprise which has been dynamically developing since 1988, specialising in the purchase, processing and trade of forest cover products: wild mushrooms, berries and cultivated mushrooms.

Long-standing experience, skilled staff, constant quality control of purchased raw materials, strict technological regime, ISO-9001:2000quality management system, regular internal inspections in accordance with HACCP, as well as modern machinery ensure that our customers receive the highest quality products that meet European Union standards.

A wide range of delicatessen preserves made from wild forest products, prepared with the greatest care and according to proven recipes contributed to the success of the company and its position on the Polish and foreign markets.

Polski Dom Rodzinny Serce

Polski Dom Rodzinny Serce (Heart – Polish Family Home) is the first hot soup chain in Poland that is always near by. The “Niezwykła Zupa” (Amazing Soup) franchise outlet network is run in two versions – mobile buffets and stationary locations.

The Amazing Soups are cooked only using fresh stock. They are often called Ethnic Soups, as their recipes have been created and passed down through generations in our families. The ingredients come from ecologically clean areas, which include Podlaskie Voivodeship!

Polski Dom Rodzinny Serce proves that it is possible to eat healthy on the move. Cooking for long hours instead of fulflling your plans is no longer necessary. Our products give you a sense of caring for not only your health, but also that of your loved ones. This way we can build an informed food culture in our community.


Rogowski is a Polish manufacturer of vegetable additives, specialising in the production of pastes, llings, vegetable stuffing, and pickled vegetables in mixed
or single vegetable form for the food industry.

Through continuous development, the company is launching new products with a wide range of applications in the charcuterie, bakery and ready meal industries. Rogowski proves that vegetables are the healthy and avourful future of the food industry with a variety of applications.

The company also operates on foreign markets, taking part in the largest trade fairs.


The basic product of the company’s activity is functional food of organic origin. These are dietary supplements made on the base of vegetable and fruit of the highest quality, obtained from company’s own organic farm. The production takes place in the periphery areas of the Knyszyn and Białowieza Primeval Forests
due to the lowest levels of heavy metals, industrial pollution, pesticides and other toxic chemicals.

The supplements show very wide spectrum of healthsupporting activities which have been identified by researches and publications. The supplements feature a stable level of antioxidants, thanks to the both: the proper method of soil preparation as well as the proper choice of vegetable and fruit varieties used in the production of biopreparations.

The lyophilisates can be taken by vegetarians, vegans, people with lactose intolerance and diabetes as well as people who want to lose weight or maintain their weight by reducing the level of adipose tissue in relation to muscle tissue.

Stara Szkoła

Stara Szkoła (Old School) is a family-run confectionery and ice cream company with a specialty coffee roasting plant based in Sokółka – the heart of Podlaskie Voivodeship. From the very beginning, it has combined latest technology with tradition and Podlaskie’s natural treasures. Consistency and determination resulted in a place known to the whole confectionery and ice cream community, which can boast of being the largest ice cream parlour in Poland, with as many as 80 unique avours on sale at the same time.

With its experience in ice cream production, Stara Szkoła has developed its own pastes and nut butters, which are ideal for ice cream and desserts. Its offer has been expanded to include chocolate processing (from bean to bar) and other chocolate products.

For five years now, Stara Szkoła has been making Italy’s most diffcult cake – panettone. Another product that is in constant demand is its famous babka, made with natural sourdough.


Zarzeccy is a family company, where the tradition of cheese making dates back to the 19th century. The company started making the Swojski cheese in 1999 using milk from their own farm.

The “Swojski” cheese from Korycin is a completely natural product. It does not contain any artifcial preservatives, chemical enhancers or colouring. As a matured cheese, its flavour, texture and colour change with age. It is a healthy product with high nutritional value, produced from fresh, raw milk obtained from cows grazing freely in the Podlaskie’s picturesque, green meadows.

The “Swojski” Korycin cheese is not only appreciated locally, as it’s gaining more and more recognition across Poland and abroad. Enjoying the recognition of customers, it has won many prestigious awards.

In 2005, the “Swojski” Korycin cheese was entered on the list of traditional products at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. In August 2012 it was registered by the European Commission, obtaining the “Protected Geographical Indication” certificate.


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