Participants of the Podlaskie Business Seminar

Presentation of the companies from the Podlaskie Region, operating in the construction, interior design and food sectors, which will attend the Business Seminar in Brussels.

Antique Parquets

Antique Parquets is a studio which manufactures, consults on and designs custom-made floors. The company’s offer includes panels and pattern – ROYAL COLLECTION, ARTISTIC COLLECTION, ANTIQUE COLLECTION, which help to create a truly regal interior in every home.

Since 1997, Antique Parquets has been working with French and British companies specialising in the manufacture, sale and installation of wooden floors, and its products can be found in France, the UK, and, through intermediaries, in Germany, Belgium, Ireland, the USA and China.

All our floors are made to individual demand or to orders made by our business partners. Our extensive experience gives us the possibility and potential to create even the most sophisticated compositions.

Łukasz Koc Civil Engineering Enterprise

The company is in the business of extraction, processing, transport and sale of materials such as natural aggregates, construction aggregates, road aggregates. It extracts sand, gravel, black soil, kaolin. It offers comprehensive services to construction companies, executing and coordinating earthworks, and providing consulting in the field of construction projects.

Thanks to its extensive machinery fleet, it provides services such as: excavation, fertilising, levelling, road construction and reconstruction, demolition, aggregate separation, as well as machinery rental, including: Cat backhoe loader, Cat wheel excavators, Cat crawler excavators, Cat wheel loaders, Powerscreen mobile screen, Scania dump trucks.

Polish Construction Cluster

The Polish Construction Cluster brings together over 300 companies operating in the construction sector. While the cluster originated from the Podlaskie, its dynamic development expanded its operations not only all across Poland, but also globally.

It includes general contractors, architects, producers of materials and chemicals used in construction, door and window joinery, interior designers, furniture and blinds manufacturers. Because the members of the cluster provide such a diverse range of services, they are able to join together to form consortia.

The activity of the Cluster is supported by universities and business environment institutions which, through research and development, help the companies to develop their innovative potential and achieve a competitive advantage.

Membership in the Polish Construction Cluster is an opportunity for businesses to grow, strengthen cooperation and conquer new markets.

Augustów Meadery

The idea for the Augustów Meadery was born out of the owners' commitment to the restoration of tree beekeeping. Just like beekeeping, mead-making is a beautiful old Polish tradition pushed out of the market and public awareness by the popularisation of more economical forms of production. Augustów Meadery was established to produce highest quality meads using traditional methods and only natural resources from the Augustów Primeval Forest and the nearby areas. Their meads, valued by consumers and experts, win numerous awards at international competitions, and their recipes, drawn from the rich mead-making tradition, recreate the delightful flavours from centuries past. Augustów Meadery was the first establishment in Poland to start producing Zbicień, a long forgotten honey-based drink.

Bisontes Group

Located in the heart of Europe’s largest wild bison reserve in northeastern Poland, Bisontes Group produces natural baked goods under 2 brands … LOV Food ( and Bison Bakery ( LOV are baked goods that follow the simple yet important principles of Local, Organic, and Vege. The L stands for locally sourced ingredients, the O stands for certified organic, and the V stands for vegan/vegetarian. We believe that these three principles yield the best-tasting, highest-quality, and most sustainable food possible. Our offer includes vegan, no-sugar-added, and high-protein cookies. We even wrap our products in biodegradable foil. Bison Bakery (Piekarnia Żubrówka in Polish) produces a wide range of sourdough breads, fresh bakery items, cakes, healthy cookies, brownies, and granola. Both brands represent products that are traditional, clean-label, good-for-you, and are produced in the pure and forested region in northeastern Poland. Enjoy!

Ideal Bistro

IDEAL BISTRO. Eat better offers a unique mass catering system in companies based on a meal ordering app, payment solutions and machines to distribute fresh, pre-ordered meals (food-o-mats) and other products, creating an automated canteen.

The journey starts with a nutritional audit which is used to find out what the consumers expect.

Thanks to Ideal Bistro, Employers get satisfied and loyal employees with a nutritional package perfectly tailored to their expectations.

Benefits of implementing the Ideal Bistro programme:

Proven increase in productivity and reduced employee absenteeism, which has a significant impact on company operating costs.

Structured and efficient canteen model that solves the problem of 24/7 catering.

Taxonomy – a significant impact on the achievement of global sustainable development goals as set out in taxonomy.


KASOL J. A. Kazberuk, a foreign trade company, is a private enterprise which has been dynamically developing since 1988, specialising in the purchase, processing and trade of forest cover products: wild mushrooms, berries and cultivated mushrooms. Long-standing experience, skilled staff, constant quality control of purchased raw materials, strict technological regime, quality management system ISO-9001:2000, regular internal inspections in accordance with HACCP and a modern machinery ensure that our customers receive the highest quality products in line with European Union standards. Guaranteed high quality goods and regular and timely deliveries. A wide range of delicatessen preserves made from wild forest products, prepared with the greatest care and according to proven recipes contributed to the success of the company and its position on the Polish and foreign markets.

olejek bioplant natura

Bioplant Natura

BioPlant Natura is a Polish producer of natural and herbal raw materials for the cosmetic, food, pharmaceutical and veterinary industries, and for manufacturers of dietary supplements. The company offers more than 70 extracts, such as calendula oil, red clover oil, nettle oil, arnica oil, carrot oil, bison grass oil, Ashwagandha oil.

wystawa z kremem do twarzy

Four Starlings Soapmakers

Four Starlings Soapmakers is a cosmetics company with more than 50 employees. While it is developing in different dimensions, it remains faithful to the path it took while functioning as a family manufactory:creating simple and functional care products based on natural raw materials.

The cosmetics created at Four Starlings Soapmakers aim at minimalistic formulas that are also effective. The company respects the health of its customers and also cares for the environment. Since the very beginning Four Starlings has been packing its cosmetics using environmentally friendly materials, in the spirit of zero waste, to minimise the use of plastic.

The company's range includes bar and liquid soaps, shampoo bars, cream deodorants, nourishing butters, body oils and mousses, natural scrubs, as well as products for comprehensive facial care.

The Podlaskie Voivodeship economic promotion project, “Podlaskie – the natural place to do business”, is carried out under the Podlaskie Voivodeship Regional Operational Programme 2014–2020, Sub-measure 1.4.1. Promotion of entrepreneurship and increasing the investment attractiveness of the voivodship.


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